Welcome to Masham Cider Press, we are an artisan craft cider press in the heart of North Yorkshire.
We select only the best locally sourced apples from a variety of orchards for our annual pressings.
We are also investing in community orchards for tailoring future vintages.

Masham Cider Press: Artisan Craft Cider Makers in the Heart of North Yorkshire.

…we have been pressing apples since 2015:

With a fondness for self-sufficiency and an understanding of the benefits of working with community alongside nature, Cider Making was a natural evolution for the Masham Cider Press Team.

Find us at Masham Market Square from 9am on a Saturday where we will be delighted to serve you with cider to drink or take away.

Our crisp refreshing dry cider is made from 100% apples with zero additives or sweeteners. As such, this is likely to be very different to all mainstream “cider” brands that you may have encoutered before. Prepare yourselves for a taste sensation 🙂

This website is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION so please do check back regularly for updates and additions. In the interim you can contact us directly via our email address hello@mashamciderpress.com